Connor Clover and the Lost Children


For centuries children have been mysteriously disappearing all over the world and on one knows where they have gone – until now.

Unbeknown to Connor, an unsuspecting eleven-year-old, his whole life is about to change. For he is destined to become the host for an alien Starstone from another galaxy. The Starstone is a small, but powerful ball of light; it holds powers beyond our comprehension.

On the planet of Dramian, home to the Master of Darkness, Definastine wants the Starstone for his own selfish needs. He wants to control the Universe and control the minds of Star-spirits everywhere. His servants are sent through the portal to our world, their aim to destroy Connor and reclaim the Starstone.

At this current time they are only available from me as they are not in the shops. However they may be found on Ebay. They have become collectors books as only a very few were ever made.


The idea of Connor came to me after watching copious episodes of Pokemon with my son. I wanted to create a character that both girls and boys would like and could relate to. Each chapter was designed to be similar to a Pokemon episode. I also wanted to the book to be action-packed (as I don’t enjoy writing boring books, anymore than I imagine you wanting to read them). 🙂