Connor Clover Books

Connor Clover and the Lost Children (Book 1)

For centuries children have been mysteriously disappearing all over the world and on one knows where they have gone – until now. Unbeknown to Connor, an unsuspecting eleven-year-old, his whole life is about to change. For he is destined to become the host for an alien Starstone from another galaxy. The Starstone is a small, but powerful ball of light; it holds powers beyond our comprehension. On the planet of Dramian, home to the Master of Darkness, Definastine wants the Starstone for his own selfish needs. He wants to control the Universe and control the minds of Star-spirits everywhere. His servants are sent through the portal to our world, their aim to destroy Connor and reclaim the Starstone. £10 – price includes postage and packaging.


Connor Clover and the Slaves of Dramian

Connor Clover is no ordinary twelve-year-old. He is host to an alien starstone with amazing powers. Lately, Connor has been taking extra lessons at a secret establishment known as the AAA (Alien Agents’ Alliance) in a bid to control the powers for himself in order to help others. It has been three months since Connor’s first ordeal with the Starstone. The council at the AAA has to deal with two major issues – the forthcoming war declared by Definastine and two missing AAA members who, since being betrayed, were last seen on Dramian. Join with Connor as he finds himself involved in a battle to fight against evil and help free hundreds of star-spirits. 410 pages. £10 includes postage and packaging.


Connor Clover and the Starstone’s Quest (Book 3)

This action-packed novel is the concluding chapter to the Starstone Trilogy designed to keep you on the edge of your seats. Last year, Connor Clover was forced to be a host to an alien life form. Now bestowed with incredible super-human powers, the twelve-year-old is under pressure to destroy the largest threat in the world – the dark master – Definastine. But Definastine is stronger than ever with his ever-expanding army of terrifying clones gathering for war on the planet of Galareem. The boy is nothing but a mild distraction. Alongside his alien comrades, Connor finds himself on a dangerous mission to help defend a race of star-spirits. But there can only be one winner and the chance to finally meet his parent’s after twelve long years seems further away than ever. Will Connor ever see his parent’s again? Who had abducted Sparkie? What had happened to a small group of AAA (Alien Agents Alliance) who have gone unaccounted for on Galareem? Were his missing friends still alive? How was he supposed to defeat the most powerful being in the Universe? This final book can finally answer these questions and more. Price includes postage and packaging.


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