The Amphiblets

A science-fiction novel based on genetic-engineering for ages 10+. 

There is no profanity, but the subject is slightly scary (so kids have told me).


Professor Snipe is a crazy, warp-minded scientist, who believes he is on par with God. After performing a diabolical experiment, he’s finally delighted to see the outcome of his endeavours and proudly names his latest project – The Amphiblets.

Triplets, Riley, Ed and Will, are part-human, part-amphibian, and have kept their identity hidden from society throughout their lives, along with a gentle giant called Hugo.

Later on, a tragic death causes the boys to grieve for their lost brother. As snippets of truth from their past are uncovered, they are forced to leave the sanctuary of their home and flee into the unknown. How will the amphibious brothers fare in the world beyond without the professor’s support and protection? Find out in this science fiction novel based in the real world.

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My husband’s colleague drew the picture below for me, having been a fan of The Starstone Trilogy. Isn’t he talented!

The Amphibets