Pilly-Pod Books

The Story of Pilly-Pod (Book 1)

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Painfully shy, Pilly-Pod wants nothing more than to be left alone. The idea of talking to people his own age terrifies him.

But this is all about to change, for on his birthday, Pilly-Pod enters the forest just before a terrible thunderstorm and changes his life forever.

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Pilly-Pod and the Pirates (Book 2)

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Pilly-Pod is bored. His friends are all too busy to play with him and the fishermen won’t let him fish. Pilly-Pod is desperate to prove that he can fish as good as any of them, if not better.

So when Pilly-Pod finds a boat hidden on the shore, he rows it out to sea. But he is horrified to discover it belongs to pirates.

What are they doing on the island? And what have they done to the other Wobblers? Only Pilly-Pod and his animal friends are left to save them all.

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Pilly-Pod and the Missing Girl (Book 3)

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When a young girl from the village goes missing, everyone is worried about her.

Where had she gone?

Pilly-Pod decides to enter the forest and ask his animal friends for help.

Will he find her in time?





Pilly-Pod and the Two-Headed Bear

(Book 4)


Pilly-Pod enters the forest where he meets a strange creature no one else has ever seen before – a two-headed bear. The villagers are worried. They send for a brave hunter to get rid of the bear, but things don’t go according to plan.

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Pilly-Pod and the Forest Fire

(Book 5)

Coming out 2018!



Pilly-Pod and Friends Colouring BookScreen Shot 2017-12-03 at 14.34.03.jpgScreen Shot 2017-12-03 at 14.34.13.jpg

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